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Scribble Dating is the new creative way to speed date!

What is Scribble Dating?


Describing yourself to someone you’ve just met can be a daunting experience. Scribble Dating breaks the ice straight away, giving you a fun introduction and mutual subject to talk about. Even if you are naturally quite shy, Scribble Dating will have you in fits of laughter. Let your scribbles do the talking!


HELP!! I can't draw!


Don't worry about that! NO drawing skills needed what-so-ever. If you can hold a pen you're good to go!


How does it work?


Just jump in and get scribbling! Start with a piece of paper and scribble about yourself; what you like, what you don’t like, who you are and how you feel. Fill the page with as much information about yourself as you can in 5 minutes, without writing a single word. As you move around the room meeting your dates they can try and decipher your scribbles and learn more about you.  




All you need to bring is yourself and your best smile! We provide all the scribbling materials, name badges and boards etc. We will give you a name sheet so you can keep track of which scribblers float your boat. There will be a break in the middle and at the end to get some drinks and mingle with your fellow scribblers. At the end of the night hand in your name sheets with your contact details, then we'll contact you within the next few days to let you know who you had a match with and how to get in touch with them. Happy scribbling!



Event information


Each Scribble Dating event will host a total of between 20-30 ladies and gents aimed at various ages groups such as;





The itinerary


7:30 arrival and registration

8:00 host introduction and scribbling begins

8:15 speed dating begins

9:00 (approx.) break and mingle

9:15 speed dating resumes

10:00 (approx.) speed dating ends and mingling begins!

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Hosted at your venue from £200