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Creative Workshops for all

by Lucy Jackson and Andy Coombes

Lucy Jackson - graduate of Winchester Arts school and an experienced community artist.  Andy Coombes - Founder of Bob&Bob jobbing Street Theatre Company, actor and maker.

Our aim is to offer children and young adults creative experiences that are directly informed by their own work in street theatre and visual arts practice.


Andy's skills are in the areas of inventiveness, construction, model and prop making and of course a sense of silliness which both children and adults love! He began running workshops in response to children's curiosity about his comic theatre props and how he made them.


Lucy has an extensive knowledge of materials, techniques and processes from printmaking to film making. She has over 10 years experience of facilitating creative activities for both children and adults. She has spent much time working with community Arts charities and has experience of working with children and adults with special needs.


Workshops include:


STOP MOTION ANIMATION - Using plasticine, fabrics, card, wire, found objects


MURAL PAINTING - Using paint, can combine with driftwood, natural materials


SCULPTURE/ MODEL MAKING/CONSTRUCTION - Using recycled materials, plastics, textiles, paint and collage materials


MASK AND PUPPET MAKING - card, plastics, textiles etc


GIANT COLLAGE - Fabrics, printed images, paint, papers etc


FELT MAKING - Using natural and dyed fleece.

African Masks, Wire sculpture, Wire and Paper,

Decorative vessels

AFRICAN MASK-MAKING – 1-3 days Description Aimed at school-aged students or Primary School Teachers.  Participants will learn key facts about African Art and will be led through the design process, combining characteristics of African Masks and creatures from images provided. Their designs will then be translated into 3-d, using papier mache, card construction, acrylic paint and found materials. Each student will create their own African Mask. Clear guidance will be given throughout  each stage. Materials will be provided but it would be helpful if students could bring a selection of the following: feathers, wool, nails, beads, dried pulses/beans, small shells etc... and an apron/overshirt.  


WIRE SCULPTURES – 1-2 days Description 1-2 days (depending on complexity/requirements) aimed at students from 10 upwards.  Participants will start by producing line drawings of creatures or plants, followed by simplified designs as templates for their 3-d wire piece. Various coloured wires will be used to make their final creature or plant sculpture.  A range of 2-d and 3-d skills will be taught – from drawing and design through to wirework.   For additional decorative qualities, students may wish to bring a range of hollow beads and buttons to incorporate in their work.   WIRE AND PAPER SCULPTURES – 1-2 days Description Initial drawings of natural objects such as shells, leaves, pods, fruit and vegetables will inform a series of designs leading to 3-d wire pieces covered eventually in a ‘skin’ of tissue paper.  Students will be guided through each stage, and learn a range of 2-d and 3-d skills using drawing materials, wire and thin papers.


DECORATIVE VESSELS – 3 days Description  Covers drawing, designing and making – aimed at students aged 10 upwards.  Artists such as Matisse, Kandinsky and Klee will be introduced to students.  Colourful still-lives will form the basis for initial colour observational drawings using oil pastels.  This will lead to design work for a papier mache vessel, which will then be created using papier mache, card-construction, decorative materials including wool and coloured papers and a final PVA coating.  Students will be guided through each stage to explore a range of 2-d and 3-d skills and materials.


Carnival arts

Make giant masks, carnival costumes, flags and all carnival parade related arts with a hugely thrilling carnival arts workshop. Using a variety of materials and craft techniques, design and make your own.

Giant puppets are great and can be a really good group project. We can just about create a giant in a single day, but it's nice to have a few days to work on it. We can bring a humanoid frame in to be designed and decorated by the group or design a frame for whatever they would like to build; Tree people, butterflies, dragons, insects, yeti's, celtic dieties, falcons, storks, warriors and witches, to name a few.