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Mural & Graffiti Workshop


Mural and Graffiti workshops are a great way for a large group to get involved. To create something that lasts and learn new skills. Each workshop is like a blank canvas. Working with a group, we create a theme and design for the mural. Our workshop leader works as a facilitator helping get ideas up on the wall and help develop the skills necessary to create a finished product that the whole group can be proud of.

Either working directly onto a wall surface or using large paper/plywood/board, the workshop looks a various techniques and styles including Trompe L'oeil, stenciling, vinyls, printing, cartoon, figurative and abstract.

We like to include a discussion of art vs vandalism, being respectful and mindfull and the impact of street art in general.

Workshop length depends on the scale of the project and would need to be costed on a case by case basis.

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