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The aims of SWAW are;


• To engage the public in the arts

• To deliver quality workshops  

• To ensure suitability for your requirements, venue and participants

• Liaising between Artist and client

• Offering artists support in promoting their workshops

• Keeping members up to date with latest workshops and offers


We act as a go between for Client and Artist to ensure any queries are dealt with prior and post event.


Creative workshops have a wide range of benefits for the participant and can be transferable into almost any industry/sector.

South West Art Workshops was established to enable easy access to creative workshops, art classes and art courses throughout South West England. Created by Director Katherine Bryan-Merrett, an artist herself, it gives artists a route to promoting and supporting their workshops, and a simple way to discovering what is available in your area.


 By engaging with the arts, you have access to a variety of benefits;


• Observational skills

• Confidence building

• Awareness

• Increasing self-belief

• Stress relief

• Dealing with prejudices

• Problem solving

• Overcoming objections

• Creative thinking


And much, much more.......


South West Art Workshops actively promotes the benefits of engaging with the arts by bringing you easy access to some of the best of the South West. See our Workshops page for more information

01453 799270

"Art is one of the most important skills, one of the oldest means of communication. Engaging with and creating art is such a great way to learn, explore and express yourself.

The proven health benefits of art are astonishing! Art is my love and my passion, it's what drives me everyday."

Director Katherine Bryan-Merrett

South West Art Workshops Director, Katherine Bryan-Merrett is a passionate painter and charity fundraiser.


Katherine established South West Art Workshops to bring artists and customers together in a productive and stress-free way, giving artists more opportunities to create a living from their talents.


Katherine has always been focused on helping artists in any way she can, from founding an arts centre in Dorset to selling art to raise funds for charity through her not-for-profit company artsAid 


Always aiming to conduct business fairly and ethically Katherine's personal and business moto is "to treat your neighbour as you wish to be treated". Art should inspire and engage people, it is a joyful thing and the whole process should reflect that.

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